At Round 2 Motorsports, there is ALWAYS something going on.  From general repairs to full blown tear down restorations, we never stop! This page is dedicated to past, present and future projects ongoing at Round 2.  Keep it bookmarked because you don’t want to miss them!

June’s Banana Hatch

This car came to us with big plans. To start off, we are doing a brake line tuck and an engine bay shave. You won’t want to miss the updates coming soon on this hatchy!

AWD Integra Sedan Project

This project has been a long time in the making.  The customer came with that wishes of using a CRV drivetrain while keeping a stock style rear subframe and being able to lower the car without running into issues with the rear differential hitting the ground. Stay tuned for big moves on this car!

Henry’s Turbo Corvette. aka project #turbovette

Henry’s vette came to Round 2 with a severely blown motor. It was knocking badly and he wanted a change. After some talking and planning, it was decided that a turbo kit would be fitted and customized, and a new motor would be put in place of the blown motor.

The tear down began and it was fast! From there, fitting the turbo kit began. The driver side frame had to be notched out and modified to fit the upcoming kit, but never fear, it was properly closed up and welded back together to ensure safety!

Before taking motor out, a custom tubular intercooler and radiator lower support was fabricated to keep everything rigid upon reassembly to not sacrifice safety in the event of a crash.

  With those in place, intercooler piping was able to be fabricated and mocked up. Don’t worry, the blue couplers are NOT the final decision. They are just for mock up!

   While we’re in the front of the car, it was made sure that the radiator could function properly, and a universal overflow was mounted to ensure the cooling system would be happy and able to fluctuate as needed with the added heat of the turbocharger.


 With the incoming air taken care of, there has to be somewhere for it to go! It was decided that a 4″ downpipe would be used and “squished” to fit and exit to dual 3″ non-muffled exhaust all the way out to the rear. With some subtle tips in a near factory location, you’d never know with the car off! But when it’s on, there will be no mistaking that this car makes big power and is NOT stock.


Once fabrication of the kit was finalized, the old motor was ready to come out. The new motor was assembled with new parts installed as provided by the customer, and it’s ready to go back in! The customer in this case had his parts powder coated and heat treated where needed for that show car look when it’s needed!






For those of you wondering, it’ll make ALL the boost with an L33 block, Tick Stage 2 cam, LS6 heads and intake, being fed by a T4 80mm comp wheel GT45 exiting through 4″ downpipe to factory looking dual 3″ exhaust. It’s all through a 6 speed trans!


The numbers are in! Master sloppy mechanic Matt Happel pounded out 570whp on “baby ultra charmin soft” on 10lbs 12deg with a 11.0 afr and 700whp on 17psi 12deg of timing! Stock ecu, using hptuners, and a 3bar SD tune up.

Turbo Vette Version 2.0:

If you didn’t get enough of the #turbovette project, maybe you’ll like this one! This car is a 6.0L with cam, injectors and a Precision 62mm turbo! Nice and simple, but damn it looks good! This car also received a custom radiator shroud, due to an overheating issue the car previously had. Along with that, Dave fabbed up a custom radiator fill neck to help with filling and burping the coolant system.

Project T-Bucket. A full restoration:


This T-Bucket came to Round 2 in decent shape. The owner had just recently purchased it and was in love with the car. Upon delivery, the discussions began. The owner wasn’t happy with the condition of a lot of the parts, and wanted to not only freshen up the car, but also make it a show stopper.  With that in mind it was decided. A full tear down to nothing and restoration was in order. 

The car would be taken apart piece by piece, and every nut and bolt would be serviced.

 Along with replacing many parts, the suspension is reviving an update. One of which is to switch out the old solid mount suspension for Heim joints to allow for better articulation and less stiffness when the t-bucket is cruising down the road.
  All parts were sent to be completely stripped/sandblasted and then off to the paint shop for an updated color that would be very similar to the one present upon arrival. While that is happening many parts were also dropped off to be chrome plated for that extra subtle touch when the car is sitting pretty at a show. 
With the motor and transmission being worn, they was disassembled and sent to be refreshed with some tasteful upgrades and modifications to keep the owner happy and smiling while driving this stunning vehicle. Once everything comes back from their respective shops, things will move very quickly and you’ll be sure to like what is coming up for project t-bucket