Here at Round 2 Motorsports we offer many services.  Owner and lead fabricator, Dave can help to modify, install, or make any and all ideas you may have.  Whether it’s your daily driven street car or your full blown track monster, Round 2 Motorsports has you covered! Check out the fabrication projects that Dave has completed over the years.

Have a gutted car and need door panels and need them to be as light as possible? Check out these aluminum pieces made for a Galant. Complete with door handle for the driver!

 HWe can make catch cans of all shapes and sizes for any and all of your needs!

Here we have a battery tray made for an Acura RSX. The idea behind a battery tray is to get the battery out of the engine bay to give a cleaner look!


Any welding job big or small, we can take care of you. Here we have an intake manifold that came to us to simply weld on 3 bungs for various sensors.

We can also repair valvecovers that may have snapped off tabs. Here we have one that the customer gave us along with a donor cover to transplant. No problem!

Round 2 will also install prebent rollcages or custom make and fit one for your application. Here we show a prebent cage being fit into a civic coupe. All work is NHRA certified afterwards. It can be done by a trusted associate in house or taken to a place of the customers choosing.


Here are misc fabrications collected over time from various places:

Downpipe fabrication:

Collector finish welds:

Front mount intercooler and turbo mock up:

Battery tray:


Turbo manifold fabrication:

Engine mount modification:

Welded solid ball joint:

Coolant resivoir:


Another turbo manifold mock up:


Aluminum charge piping weld:


Exhaust “hotside” fabrication. From turbo to exit.