Here at Round 2 we offer some off the shelf products designed in house!

If you are interested in one of these kits, please email us at

Dual injector flange

This is our very own dual injector flange.  These are for the Honda B-Series engines and retail for $225 SHIPPED within the 48 states.  OR, send us your intake manifold and we will modify, install our kit and ship it back to you for only $450! Here are some pictures of our kit installed on various intake manifolds:

Next up we have cylinder head intake and exhaust port covers:


Painting your engine? Need to cover your intake or exhaust ports while waiting for your manifold? Round 2 has the solution for you! Made of clear plastic, these covers are a little under 1/8″ thick. These are made specifically for the B-Series Vtec cylinder head (B16/GSR), but the exhaust cover will also fit the LS exhaust ports.

These are available for $35 shipped within the 48 states!

We don’t just make engine related parts! We also make functional drag wings for select Honda models!


Drag Wings     


“I need a drag wing!” you say? “I have an EG Coupe or DC Integra” you say? Round 2 can help! Dave has constructed drag wings for EG Civic Coupes and DC body Integras! Cut, and bent in house they can be shipped anywhere in the continental US.

There are 2 different styles for EG Coupe:


and 3 different styles for DC Integra:


Our Standard Wing and most popular. Starts at $225 Shipped:

Our “Large” Wing. Yeah, it’s huge! Starts at $350 Shipped:

Our “Medium” Wing. Starts at $275 Shipped: 

The differences are in the ends on the wing. The different styles offer their own unique appearance. They are cosmetic differences only and offer no aerodynamic advantage over one another. If you are looking for an affordable and effective wing, contact us today for more information including pricing for the wing of your choice!

Mounting hardware can also be provided for an additional cost. For approx $300 we can provide a fully adjustable strut kit. For a fixed position expect it to be about $100-150 for the hardware and struts!

We also have t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts in limited supply! Get them while they are hot!

Again, if you are interested in one of these kits, please email us at